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8 signs... of HAPPINESS

December 13, 2017

My lucky number is 8! I always use it to explain / exaggerate things i.e I waited 8 hours in that queue... I loved it so much I bought 800... I was born in 88 and when I used to trade I bonded with a large client over our lucky number. So I wanted to start "8 signs ...." 



*** This is my personal experience - feel free to comment with your own signs of HAPPINESS!


1) Waking up is not an issue!


Remember the days of "beep, beep, beep....AAAGHHH F OFF"? I do... However, my happy days usually start with my eyes blinking open before my alarm clock even thinks about shrieking. I roll around and feel grateful for EVERYTHING! 



2) Anything and everything seem possible!


I love it when the good vibes are flowing and all of a sudden I know my own worth, I know that I am good at whatever I am doing AND my to-do list is not an overwhelming deep, dark hole but merely a list of things I can work through. Confidently and coherently. You got this girl! 




3) I want to listen to music (all the time)


Every lyric in every happy song applies to ME! "I am every woman" Chaka Khan, "I am taking it step by step" Whitney and David "Yes let's dance"!!! I LOVE music for how it can change my mindset! I am that girl you see dancing on the street on the way to work imagining the song is the soundtrack to my life! Move out my way suit zombies "I'm still standing" (sorry could not resist a bit of Elton!)



4) Communicating is not an issue (its a pleasure!)


Why hello fellow humans! Yes, I have been hibernating due to overwhelming social anxiety but I AM BACK. Those days you ask the barista how her day has been, wish everyone a good day, take a genuine interest in your boss's new haircut, actually listen to Sandra's baby chat and go out with your friends and hear what they are saying rather than planning an exit strategy ASAP! Hurrah! Talking can be fun.



5) I want to exercise (and dance instead of walk EVERYWHERE!)


I slip into my gym gear and look & feel great! Thigh gap? Six pack? WHATEVER my body is a temple and I am so lucky to have it! I want to go to yoga, run, dance. I am proud of what I've got and I do not put myself under pressure to be perfect because I am happy. *** You should also exercise if you are unhappy as endorphins are proven to lower pain and stress! So down dog your way to that smile!


 6) Eating is enjoyable.


"Comfort eating because I am sad, not eating because I am anxious, calorie counting because I have lost control" All this seems like a distant memory when I am happy! I eat healthy, good food and really enjoy it. I go for long lunches with friends and socialise and eat! My body digests the food and I don't feel immediately bloated because I am calm and not binging or starving! 



7) I don't want to self-destruct!


A glass of wine with dinner? Going out and not staying out for 3.5 days? Eating when I am hungry and not feeling guilty? Self-love? All things I can TOTALLY do when I am happy! When I am anxious or sad I feel like I want to self-destruct because it seems like the easiest thing to do, however when I am happy and feeling the good vibes I don't want to ruin it by getting so drunk I fall asleep in my uber home and end up in Southend (I live in Hackney), I do not want to hang out with randoms in some "undeground party" which sounds cool but is actually tragic AF as I am so smashed I don't actually know whats's going on, I do not want to comfort binge eat or starve to feel in control and I do not want to hate myself because actually life is pretty gooooood right now! 


8) I feel HAPPY!


My happy place is feeling content! I might not be exactly where I want to be, I have made mistakes in my life, no I still do not have a six-pack. BUT I am proud of what I have done, who I am, what I stand for and where I am going. Enjoying the journey is what is so important and is often forgotten! When I have an anxiety attack and I plummet into the dark hole of self-loathe, OCD and panic remembering these signs and the feeling of content happiness is so important for my recovery! What are your 8 signs of happiness?




LOVE and Happiness,


Equilibrium! XOXO 















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