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Your body is made up of energy, you have 7 Chakra points within your physical body, when this energy becomes blocked, unbalanced or stagnant you may face illness, mental illness or just become stuck in a rut and unsure of your direction in life. 


Crystal healing is an energy-based treatment. Different crystals have different properties and energies and thus when used during a healing treatment they can gently support the body to heal in a therapeutic way. Crystals can affect energies on a physical, spiritual and emotional level.


If you are suffering from physical concerns such as headaches or stress, or emotional or spiritual concerns crystal healing can help.


During your session, we will work with crystals and meditation to shift blocks and activate and support the self-healing process.


What will you receive in your session?

- Energetic body scan 

- Crystal healing

- Deep relaxation 


A little about me:


I was a part of the corporate rat race, I know how it feels to have a "hamster in a wheel" for a brain!


Long hours, tired eyes, high anxiety levels and a side order of paranoia anyone?


After ill health (physically and mentally) I decided I'd had enough. So I left and travelled the world.


I practised yoga, meditation (spent time in a silent meditation retreat), wrote, read, changed my diet and developed a mindful lifestyle. 


Being back in the gorgeous City we call home I want to share what I learnt and help others lead their best possible life. 


I have always been drawn to Crystals so I decided to train in Crystal healing. Since then I have treated many stressed out, confused, emotionally drained Londoners!   


If this sounds like you simply email me one word: YES   





Accredited by: Guild of Holistic Therapists, BABTAC, ABT, Towergate.



Please email charlotte@equilibriummindbodysoul.com to arrange a free phone call to discuss your needs if this is your first session.


The crystal healing session with Charlotte was inspiring and relaxing. I left feeling uplifted and a lot clearer. We both saw the same vision, which was reassuring that our energies were aligned. This is definitely something I do regularly. A great way to feel more balanced in this crazy city. I noticed the difference before and after which proved to me how important energy work is for myself to have equilibrium within my energetic body.

I really enjoyed my crystal healing session with Charlotte!


I was very new to this and she took time as we sat down to explain how everything would work. We meditated for a few minutes in order for me to come up with the areas I wanted to focus on during the session.


We then moved on to the actual session, which left me calm, grounded yet energized


This is something I will definitely want to do again with Charlotte in the future, she was fantastic.



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The team at Equilibrium Mind Body Soul are not doctors. We do not advise anyone to delve into the depths of meditation without prior research and practise. 


The practices we promote should be used to complement other therapies and not treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or healthcare professional. 


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