The Equilibrium Tribe...

Feeling a little blah?

Are you anxious about something?

Do you need help finding your Equilibrium?


Perhaps you are in your happy place but want some help staying there?


Well, you have come to the right place!


Welcome to the Tribe! 


So what is our vibe? Equilibrium aims for awesome, authentic and altruistic events. We want to feel proud of what we do and who we are.. after all, your vibe attracts your tribe! So if you think this is ticking all the boxes - Hello friend! 


All the practitioners and experts we work with are like-minded REAL people who are here to help and guide. All the products we use are organic, never tested on animals and as sustainable as possible. 


We love our planet and we want to protect it so whatever we do, we do it mindfully for ourselves and our environment. 


Equilibrium was born out of the love of meditation, yoga, eating fresh produce and hosting events that make a difference to our tribe's lives. We are growing every day and learning every second. If you would like to be involved in any way please email us: 



Charlotte Grace Lala (Founder)

I found myself dreading waking up every morning and that is when I knew something had to change. 


I was broking oil and gas in the City... My hours were long, sleep was deprived and my wellbeing was a distant memory. 


I hit burn out. I had regular anxiety attacks, an eating disorder, drank too much alcohol and my relationship with my family, friends and myself were suffering. After being diagnosed with celiac disease I decided I needed to GET OUT. 


I travelled for 18 months. I found my freedom, I found out how to S-L-O-W down, I found meditation and I found yoga as a practice, not just exercise.


Most of all I realised that it is so important to love yourself, to listen to yourself and I began to live by the laws of attraction. 


Once I got back to London, I fell back into the corporate world. After a year and two different jobs, my mental health deteriorated.  I became paranoid, anxious and struggled to find anything I enjoyed. I drank, stayed up late and partied to try and escape my reality. It seemed almost worse knowing how life could be lived yet I was unable to do so in the crazy city, I both loved and hated simultaneously.


I decided (again) to make a change. Life can be lived in the exact way you what it to be lived... mindfulness *buzz word* I know but hey it's a buzz word because it's damn good when you master it. I want to live in London, I want to be productive yet I 100% do not want to go back to the days of anxiety attacks. I want to be calm, mindful and I want to enjoy a balanced life. Alas Equilibrium was born. 


Equilibrium is an events company that specialises in wellness events but that is not where it stops. For me, Equilibrium is a celebration of what we can achieve when we are mindful when we apply ourselves to work, self-love and play. Equilibrium is not just about what it is but also who it is, the Equilibrium tribe give their energy, their love and their care to make all this real. 


Are you looking for the happy equilibrium in your life? Perhaps you have found it? 


Either way please join us and help us spread the LOVE and the ENERGY. 

Charlotte x

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The team at Equilibrium Mind Body Soul are not doctors. We do not advise anyone to delve into the depths of meditation without prior research and practise. 


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